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Welcome to N2 People España.

With the Future At Work we represent a fresh look to the future. That future revolves around working on a flexible basis and the exchange of (international) forces. We like to recruit skilled workers and attach great value to the individual development of employees.

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Our Branches

At N2 People we focus on three branches: Automotive, Logistics and Technics. These branches requires professional and process knowledge. That’s why we are always searching for people who can relate to these professional skills and want to work to develop themselves.


With over 15 years of experience in Automotive, partnerships with A-businesses, there is always a vacancy that suits you well. Click to see which vacancies we are offering now.


Looking for a technical job in The Netherlands? We offer vacancies with multiple companies who are searching for the right candidate.


Want to work as a Ordepicker, Reachtrucker or production employee? At our Logistic department we have multiple vacancies for logistic work. Take a look at our vacancies to see what we have to offer.

Vacancy overview

Vacancy Region
Orderpicker Amsterdam Apply now
Carpenter Montfoort Apply now
Production employee Helmond Apply now
Automotive Painter Bladel Apply now
Car body prepper Bladel Apply now
Panel beater Bladel Apply now
Industrial Maintenance Zevenaar Apply now
Truck Mechanic Helmond Apply now
Junior Recruiter Murcia Apply now

Collaboration with International University

To insure that the quality of our employees stays as high as possible, we collaborated with one of the greatest Automotive/technical universities in Spain. In this way, we can provide your company with the best possible employees in the country and make sure they can develop themselves even more at your company.

Meet recruiter Serafin

I have been working and collaborating with N2 People since 2015. When I started at N2 People, I was a sheet panel beater and came to The Netherlands to develop my professional skills and knowledge but also learning English. At first it was hard, but with the help of N2 People and additional training it became easier every day!

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